We work with reputed carpenter’s shops, which is why we can provide both elegant upholstery and complete woodwork.

Upholstered Furniture

We produce lounge suites covered in leather or fabric – untypical, made to measure, according to your specification. 

Upholstery Renewal

We offer upholstery renewal in old, unique and antique furniture.

Yacht Mattresses

We make yacht mattresses, mattresses for campers and holiday caravans.

 About Us

Our experience in making upholstered furniture dates back to 1980. We have an upholstery and woodwork shop and highly qualified personnel, who can provide you with every typical and untypical service: from elegantly new upholstery to renewal of old furniture, used or worn. We have a wide range of Polish and foreign cover fabrics. We especially recommend natural leather covers.


Are you seeking professional furnishing of your house, flat, office, cafeteria or restaurant with leather or fabric upholstered furniture according to your own specification? 
Then come to us, we will cater to all your upholstery needs.


You are welcome to visit us.

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Jan Bujnowski i Syn


Upholstered furniture

Jan Bujnowski i Syn S.C.


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